Year 6 Transition 

Year 6 to Year 7 transition is a huge step for children and parents, and we recognise this.

We work closely with parents and carers alongside primary schools to ensure that children are comfortable and enthused about their move to Chamberlayne.


Once with us, each student has a tutor, pastoral leader, and Head of Year. In your first few weeks at the school, you will be invited in for a settling evening so - should there be any concerns - we can iron them out quickly.


Every student is valued as an individual by every member of staff. We don't expect all students to be the same; we encourage personality and appropriately focused energy and guile.

Our Strong links with local primaries

Main Contacts

We take great time and care in nurturing strong links with our wonderful local primary schools. This gives us a real insight into the strengths and challenges of each cohort.

Our relationships with our local primaries are ongoing, but we will try to give your child opportunity to get familiar with our school and staff from year 5 onwards. Year 5's are invited to 'taster days' where they can experience first hand our quality provision in areas such as science, PE and performing arts, and where they can start to feel a real part of our school community early on.

Year 6's are invited into settling in sessions in the summer term before they join us. Each session is tailored to your child's needs, where appropriate. There is also a welcome assembly at the end of the settling in days where you can chat to staff to go through any questions or queries you may have before you child starts with us in September.

Your Child: An Individual

We are a fully inclusive school, and ensure we work with families to secure the best possible outcomes for each and every child: higher attainers, children with additional needs, or those children who quietly get on with their work and who you are concerned may get overlooked in a larger school - whatever concerns or ambitions you may have for your child, speak with us and we will provide assurance as to how we will ensure your child's education is tailored for them.