Our Student Leaders 2019 - 20

Head Boy                                                                                       Head girl

Oliver Adams                                                                                 Poppie Wort



Deputy Head Boys                                                                        Deputy Head Girls

Ben Potenziani                                                                               Hollie Wade

Kane Hayter                                                                                    Shae Burgess

Senior Prefects

Reece walker

Max Lane

Ellie Regan

Cameron McColm




Tia Blake

Destiney Bradley

Mia Hadley

Dana Dixon-Slade

Chloe Harbut

Chelsea Hunter

Rosina Rowden

Lucy Simpkins

Katie Cummins



Mental Well-Being                            LGBT

Jessica Gibbs & Carmen Yau         Ashleigh Hitchcock


Culture                                                          C4U Antibullying

Qaynaat Mirza & Kinga                   Mackenzie Chandler & Glyn Kelso

Student Leadership Selection Process

We're thrilled to see so many of our 10s put themselves forward for Student Leadership roles for when they join year 11.

The selection process is rigorous. All candidates are required to create a short bio as to why they feel they are suitable for this position. Students across the school then get to take part first hand in democracy in action where they vote for their chosen candidates. The outcomes of this vote are taken together with how students perform in presentations to staff and an interview with the Headteacher.

We will be sure to let Year 10s know as soon as the next selection process commences. Watch this space!

Student Voice

The term "Student Voice" describes how students give their input to what happens within the school and classroom. Our desire is for students to know that their expertise, opinions and ideas are valued in all aspects of school life. Student Voice permeates all levels of our work together, from students participating in small group classroom conversations to students partnering in curriculum design or establishing school norms and policy.


Why is Student Voice Important?

One of the principles guiding the transformation work at Chamberlayne is that student achievement and engagement will increase when students have more ownership of their school community. The Student Voice key element reinforces that:

  1. What students have to say matters in how learning happens.

  2. Students have untapped expertise and knowledge that can bring renewed relevance and authenticity to classrooms and school reform efforts.

  3. Students benefit from opportunities to practice the problem solving, leadership and creative thinking required to participate in a decision-making school community.

Periodically we run organised student voice sessions. Students are notified of these and are encouraged to attend and share their views.