We take the safeguarding of our students very seriously. Our designated safeguarding leads ("DSLs") are Mr Giles, Ms Keyse, Mr Toone, Dr Church, Mrs Welch, Mrs Moth and Mrs Hooper. The lead DSL is Dr Church. If you do have any safeguarding concerns, please do contact one of these individuals.


It is important to stress that all staff and governors are fully trained in safeguarding and Prevent and should you or your child make any disclosure to them, they will know how to appropriately escalate this concern.


As well as being able to speak with any member of staff, all students are able to escalate any safeguarding concerns they may have via email to a member of staff at  or to one of our student leaders at


If you re you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online then you are also able to report your concerns to CEOPs.  Please click the link here if you would like further information or want to report a concern to them. There are also excellent resources and guidance for parents and carers abour all manner of safeguarding concerns at the safe4me website here:

Our safeguarding and child protection policies can be found here.

Social Media Safeguarding update - February 2019

Our students' safety - physical, emotional and online -  is at the heart of everything we do here at Chamberlayne. As many of you will be aware, there is a worrying 'challenge' doing the rounds on social media. To help you understand this challenge and how best to protect your children we have added the resources found at . Their useful infographic on the momo challenge is attached below.


If you do have further questions around safe use of social media, how we support in educating children around this, and what you can do to help as parents/carers, please contact the school.