What a Busy Week!

Teachers are now busily and excitedly marking mock exams for Y11 and then really targeting their teaching on students achieving the absolute top grades they can. Lovely to see so many grade 7-9 and distinctions coming through. Come on Y11 big push for final 3 months you can and will achieve so much. Easter revision programme will be out soon!

Also lovely to hear stories from our Y10s who have been working in partnership with Southampton University. We believe that all students deserve an education that prepares them well for university whatever their starting points.

We have 23 students flying out to Geneva at 6am Monday morning for a week - I'm really excited on their behalf. They're visiting CERN and the United Nations... so jealous.

50 students went to the World's Biggest Dance Event on Friday where they met Louie Spence, Flawless and ITV's Greatest Dancer stars, Harry and Aaliyah. I have to confess, I don't know who these people are but I'm informed that they are inspirational and our students had an absolutely superb day. Great staff, organising a great day.

We have now moved the refurbishment of the school to the design phase and over the next 8-10 weeks, we'll be seeking student and staff opinions on design plans. See a concept image here. The finer details are yet to be decided upon.

We are looking forward to welcoming headteachers from across the city in to visit lessons and to see our wonderful students and teachers working in partnership on achieving really strong learning this week. We've also invited headteachers from across Hampshire in a few weeks again to see the great learning that is taking place.

I have met over 100 students from our primary partner schools this week and am hoping to meet more next week. I have also met a small group of Y6 parents and again will be meeting more next week. we have welcomed a number of parents into the school this week to look around and meet senior staff. If you want to come in, please do contact us - we are very keen to meet our new parents and share the exciting future that we all have here.

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