Hot Chocolate and Doughnuts!

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

A great second week back at Chamberlayne. My personal highlight was probably my Friday hot chocolate and doughnuts with those students who were pulled out of the hat for 100% attendance last week. It’s great listening to their hopes and dreams, to the lessons they love, and those they are less keen on...and we get to share the best doughnuts ever made.

Year 11s have started to really step up their work rate this week ready for mock exams in Feb. and it’s lovely to see year 11s getting ready to meet their mentors from the world of business too.

Our Year 10 construction students have been brilliant at City College and are hoping to help out with some of our building works... mmm maybe not yet! I did really enjoy their brickmas tree. Take a look at our newsletter to see it.

Year 10s are also all preparing for work experience in a few weeks.

My walk rounds this week have helped me see some really impressive learning, with teachers and staff working closely to secure knowledge and skills and build on previous learning.

Saturday mornings are seeing a lot of activity in school with dance and football clubs utilising our facilities.

Have a lovely weekend. Until next week!

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