Happy New Year to All. The Plan? Make 2019 a superb year!

Before I look forward, it is well worth looking back. Do take a look at our winter newsletter on this website - it charts some of the amazing moments in the last term and highlights fabulous students supported by wonderful teachers.

We ended the year with our Winter Concert which I am sure those that came would agree, saw some unbelievable talent and confidence oozing form our young people. It was also really pleasing that we sold out of tickets and filled the hall with parents and families. Thank you!

It was great to see all of the students and staff back from a well-earned Christmas break this week. We really did get off to a flying start. Monday was staff training where we considered a little neuroscience and looked at what actually happens in the brain when learning is occurring. The purpose being to devise strategies that best maximise and accelerate learning and memory. Fascinating stuff!

Miss Cole has set up a fabulous Reading Leaders Programme that got underway this week with a group of Y10 students undertaking part 1 of training on how to help younger and less confident readers read. We are really excited about the positive impact we expect to see here. More news to follow.

Assemblies this week focused on considering how we can try and create better versions of ourselves and how New Year can be a great time to start something afresh with energy. I shared with students how my New Year resolution was to get out and play more football with my son rather than working and to give up picking the chocolate biscuits every evening. I'm doing ok...ish...

We have been working closely with architects, designers, engineers and the council to devise new and wonderfully refreshed building and facilities with the money that has been committed by SCC for our future. The vision for Chamberlayne and the community that we share with the Southampton City Council is truly exciting and will be enjoyed by students, staff, parents and the wider community - I am sure. There will be more news to follow when we have some firmer fully agreed plans.

Reminder for parents of Y9 students: Preferences Evening is on 24th January where you will get to see what subject choices and career paths are available for your child. We have an exciting suite of subject choices that should appeal to all interests. Come along and discuss with us and the colleges.

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