Dance Showcase was a treat.

it was wonderful to watch students of all ages dancing in so many genres at our Dance showcase. From ballet to street - really really impressive. Genuine pride in our young people and the staff that support them tirelessly. Especially proud of our dance club who come back to school a 4pm each week. That’s dedication.

We were also treated to a Y11 band entertaining us at the interval - thank you for one of my favourite songs, Zombie by the Cranberries. It really was Special. I loved watching all of the proud parents watching on in trepidation and then relief. Thanks parents, great support, great children.

We’re all really proud of Grace in Y8 who has made it through to the final 8 in the Southampton Youth Council. She really will be a strong voice for the children of our beautiful city.

Nice to see over 80% of parents attending either preferences evening or parents‘ evening for Y9. Strong academic conversations between staff and parents as we all work together in the best interests of our children.

Y10 are out on work experience next week... we’ll miss them But look forward to their tales of life at work!

Attendance matters. I met 8 students with 100% attendance on Friday for hot chocolate and doughnuts and it was great to hear what they want sorted in the school. The toilets And changing rooms. I agree; we‘re on it So do watch this space. How good is you child’s Attendance? Below 95% then they are in school less than than the average child, and put simply will not do as well in their GCSEs.

There’s a lot in the news this week about Mobile phones in school and social media. Banning them in schools completely is being debated in the House if Commons and in the news one school that charges £2 to have a confiscated phone returned. I am very firmly of the view that children need a break from social media and school is a good place to get it. So a reminder of our policy, phones must not be out at all in school from 0825 - 1450. If they are, they will be confiscated and kept safe. It is really worrying how many children are so wedded to their phones and to social media And become so upset when their phone is taken away. Parents: do you know what your child is doing/saying/reading on social media? Any concerns, please do contact your child’s Head of Character.

Anyway back to the rugby. Well done Ireland but they don’t look the side they were. Come on Italy!

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