Bursting with Pride!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Wow! I say it every time and I mean it every time - I am so proud of our young people. Watching them perform on Band Night this week was truly inspirational. The performances were superb. No wonder we have the best Music exam results in the city and probably across most of Hampshire.

We focus on contemporary music because that's what's best for our students at this time. That belief is proven by the fact that we had 17 different bands performing on one night. 17!! That is across only 2 year groups... 17! I am equally proud of our team of professional and energetic staff led by Mr Cardy, who works so tirelessly with our young people, helping them overcome anxieties and helping them form as bands putting aside any differences. Genuine, genuine respect. Success like that only firms up my commitment to the arts.

...and then we had the dreaded forecast of snow. Well dreaded for me and maybe parents but not for students. Oh the excitement.

Attendance on Friday was very poor due, I can only assume, to the snow and possibly the fact that colleagues at Oasis Mayfield had to close Thursday and Friday due to staff absences. Darn! Come on guys, get in every day. Remember for every 5% below 95% attendance you are likely to lose 2 whole GCSE grades!!!

Moan over.

We've had Year 10 reading mentors working with Y8 readers to share the love of reading this week. It has been lovely seeing them come together across age ranges, talking and discovering each others' passions. Nice job Miss Cole!

Anyway, as I sit in my office on a Saturday morning pondering the previous week, I am reminded that my son is playing football for a local team in our gym and I should go and watch. Until next week...

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