Our Partnership Approach

We firmly believe that our students are most likely to succeed if we adopt a partnership approach with their parents/carers. Our home/college agreement gives more information in this regard.

We also welcome the opportunity to receive your feedback. We ask that all parents complete the Ofsted parent view questionnaire at least annually, and we run regular Parents' Forum that give parents the chance to speak to the Headteacher about Chamberlayne in a small, informal group setting. 

Attendance at school and being ready to learn

Children who attend Chamberlayne regularly and who engage with lessons show great levels of progress and attainment.

We cannot give your children the standard education that they deserve if they don't attend school. 100% attendance is our aim. Anything below 97% is unacceptable.  If you require support in getting your children to school on time and with the right uniform, equipment and attitude to learn, please contact us and a member of our pastoral team will be touch.


We don't expect parents to teach their children each subject - that's our job! We do appreciate support in helping your children become independent learners. The best way parents can help in this regard is to support their children in organising their time and their space to complete the homework tasks that they are set each day.  If you require help with this, or if younger siblings or anything else makes it hard for your child to find a quiet space to complete their homework, please get in touch with your Pastoral Lead who will be able to support you.

Keeping you informed of your child's progress, attainment & attitude to learning

Each year we hold a parents' evenings for every child that provide an opportunity to discuss how your child's progress and attainment. We also issue Progress Reports throughout the year to parents advising you of your child's progress, attainment and attitude to learning. 


All Progress Reports are related to where your child should be when compared nationally.  Our curriculum is designed to become more challenging as the year progresses which means that you would expect to see you your child maintaining their position as either Foundation, Developing, Secure or Excellent. 

Early Help Hub

The Early Help Hub will continue to take referrals for Early help over the summer holidays. If you believe Early Help could support a family over the summer please  complete a referral form on line  with consent from the family. If you would like to discuss a referral first please call the Hub on 02380 83 3311. For more information on Early Help and how we can support families as well the referral form please click on the link below