OUR VISION 2021 - 2023


Chamberlayne College for the Arts looks to open doors to young people’s future lives.  We believe that character and academic performance go hand in hand if a young person is to have a successful education that provides many opportunities for their future.  We champion strong academic learning through expert specialist teaching that is always underpinned by outstanding character development.  This is addressed through our 5 key LORIC strands:


Leadership                       – making well considered decisions and being brave in following                                                                               their ideas, dreams and ambitions.

Organisation                   – always planning ahead so that they are well prepared for future                                                                          eventualities.

Resilience                        – accepting and conquering struggles, mistakes and faults because they                                                                  understand that they are the normal process of learning.

Initiative                          – thinking for oneself, having ideas and acting upon them energetically                                                                  to better their future.    

Communication             – articulating ideas and thoughts with clarity and respecting others’                                                                        perspectives whether they agree or not.


Our Top 3 Priorities for 2020 - 2022 Academic Years are:


  1. Develop constant behavioural habits that create a strong and consistently positive student culture so that your child can learn well, always.

  2. Improve student knowledge retention and subsequent application across all subject so that your child has knowledge they can use to solve to problems, form opinions and make decisions.

  3. Improve students’ knowledge and confident application of tier 2 vocabulary across a range of contexts so that your child can talk confidently to a range of different people.