Welcome to Chamberlayne College for the Arts.  We are a small, energetic and passionate foundation school that is utterly committed to ensuring that our students get the very best opportunities through an education that provides academic success in traditional scholarly subjects, alongside helping young people to explore their interests and their strengths in other subject areas.

Our driving force comes from our motto, ‘Expect More. Achieve More.’ - we all feel very passionate about the need to raise all of our expectations of what our young people can achieve.  Whether that is higher education at a Russell Group university or an apprenticeship in employment, we are determined that young people will follow the path that is right for them and this must be determined in a partnership between student, home and school. 

We are clear here at Chamberlayne that we are not ultimately held to account by Ofsted, the Department of Education, or the Local Authority but by the families that we serve. We therefore ask parents to have very high expectations of the quality of education and if parents ever feel that the quality falls short, I implore you to communicate that to us.  Key staff email addresses are on this website. 

We, in turn, will have high expectations of parents; we expect you to ensure that your child comes to school every day without fail, that they always have the correct equipment and that they are in clean, smart uniform that follows the school uniform policy.  We expect parents to attend all parents’ evenings and we expect parents to support the school by talking to their children both optimistically and positively about education and their school. 

We expect students to come to school equipped and ready to learn, to fully engage with all lessons and to be tolerant, kind citizens.  Students should expect staff to support them as individuals in their learning.  Students should expect to be treated with respect, compassion and should know that they will always be listened to. 

I am a firm believer that school and home must work very closely together and neither should be afraid to communicate to the other when expectations are not being met. If we all operate with energy, openness and transparency, then our young people will succeed in anything they put their minds to.


Nick Giles