Due to the darker evenings Dance Company has changed it's times so our students are not walking home in the dark. The new time is 3-4:15pm in the Dance studio and all students are welcome. The Dance Company have their first performance in 6 weeks!!!!! Come along and join us. 

In true Chamberlayne spirit, we believe that participation in extra curricular activities is key to a well rounded education as it fosters teamwork, resilience, commitment, strong relationships and a willingness to engage beyond that which is mandatory, which can be enormously enriching.  Extra curricular clubs are provided by staff at break, lunch and after school.

We offer extra curricular clubs in:  Art, Music, drama, yoga, dance, football, basketball, reading, IT, boat club, robot club, science in technology and more!  In addition, the library is open from 0800 to 0825 for reading and study support and homework club is daily from 3pm.  We also operate a quiet zone outside the library and in Victory where students can go to read, play games or socialise quietly.  

KS4 Enrichment happens daily at 3pm and Y11 students are expected to attend.

Students that need additional support with socialisiation skills will be supported through our SEND provision.  

We also run band nights regularly, Winter and summer shows and partake in Rock School alongside sporting fixtures and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  All students are encouraged to partake in something. 

If you wish your child to partake but they are nervous or choose not to, please do contact the approrpiate member of staff who will encourage them personally and then support them in engaging in activities.

Our commitment to students is that if there is something you would like, please ask!  We have super talented staff who are dedicated to opening doors and will always go above and beyond for young people. 


Elliot Broomfield with his super trophy winning Rampaging Chariot.


Elliot steered his radio  controlled sporting robot to victory in 3 out of 4 disciplines in the area finals of Rampaging Chariots!

Chamberlayne College for the Arts. Expect More. Achieve More.

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