Welcome to Chamberlayne

By the 31st October you should have applied for your child’s place at a secondary school.  This can be a tricky decision, particularly given the variety of choice locally.  You will, without doubt, want to have explored as many alternatives prior to making your first, second and third choices.


We would enthusiastically encourage you to visit all of the schools that you are interested in, alongside those that you may not have considered.  Visit the schools during Open Evening if you can and also look around while the school is in action during the school day


We also encourage parents to visit schools outside of planned times, so if you would prefer to visit Chamberlayne at a time that better suits you, please do contact reception and book in a time to meet me and tour the school. You can contact us on 023 80447820 or info@chamberlayne.org


In addition: visit our website. Read our Ofsted.  Speak to staff.  Speak to students.  Very quickly you will understand that we are a school on a steep and impressive journey of improvement that knows no limits.  We fully expect our GCSE results in 2019 to be nothing short of impressive.  How do we know that?  Teaching is now strong and strengthening further; students are focused and dedicated and we all share an ambition to provide the best possible quality of education, daily.


The council have recognised this and as a result have committed approximately £8m to improve our facilities and buildings, bringing them into line with other local, newer schools. You may have read this in the Daily Echo.


Please don’t just believe what I write, come and take look.  See for yourself how wonderful and hardworking our young people are and how they are supported by fully qualified and skilled teachers.


My final message to any parent considering a secondary school for their child is to take a moment to truly imagine your child in that school, being happy, making friends, working with staff and learning well. But also and really importantly, imagine yourself interacting with the school.  Parents and staff all want the same for our children but we only get that with strong personal communication.


Do take a moment to browse our prospectus, and do follow us on facebook or twitter to keep up to date, and see what we are up to on a day to day basis.


If you require any assistance in applying for a school place, whatever school you choose, we can and will help.  Just ask.  Finally, I really look forward to meeting you a time that is most convenient to you.


Yours sincerely



Mr N S Giles



"The Headteacher and Leaders have transformed the school"

Ofsted, June 2018

To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm

023 8044 7820